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    Language: English
    Released:27 June 2022
    Duration: 99 min
    Genres: Documentary
  • Synopsis

    GOLDENERA tells the incredible inside story of the creation and legacy of GoldenEye 007, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.


    One of the greatest video games ever made, GoldenEye 007 was released for the Nintendo 64 in the summer of 1997 after two and a half years of gruelling hours, missed deadlines and an unwavering commitment to perfection. Developed in a farmhouse in Warwickshire by a small ragtag team of university graduates, most of whom had never worked on a game before, this iconic first-person shooter surpassed all expectations and went on to change gaming forever.


    Told through interviews with the very people who created the revolutionary game, along with leading game journalists and industry professionals, GOLDENERA captures an unmissable moment in the history of gaming.

  • Film Credits

    Drew Roller
    Brok Power
    Drew Roller
    Brok Power
    David Doak
    Robert Bowling
    Dan Ryckert
    Karl Hilton
    Stuart Ashen