• Archenemy

  • Archenemy

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  • More Information

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    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Released:22 February 2021
    Duration: 90 min
    Genres: Action/Adventure Suspense/Thriller
  • Synopsis

    Max Fist was the greatest hero of a vast city in another universe. He saved his world from destruction but crashed through space and time... and wound up here - a desolate American suburb. Or so he says.

    Powerless and a broken drunk, no one believes Max’s stories about his glory days until he meets a kid called Hamster. When the mob come after Hamster’s family, Max must learn what it means to be a hero — here, now, without superpowers — one brutal blow at a time.

  • Film Credits

    Adam Egypt Mortimer
    Lisa Whalen
    Joe Manganiello
    Daniel Noah
    Elijah Wood
    Kim Sherman
    Nick Manganiello
    Adam Egypt Mortimer
    Lucas Passmore
    Zolee Griggs
    Amy Seimetz
    Glenn Howerton
    Joe Manganiello
    Skylan Brooks
    Mac Brandt
    Joseph D. Reitman